The Mosquito-Net Miracle

Boy! How time flies! I cannot believe it is already 2 months since I first saw and held my pretty little princess! The last two months have been a testimony of perfect health, divine protection and unspeakable joy 🙂

Over the last month she has showed some great milestones. She recognizes me, observes me walking to and fro, grabs hold of my finger so tight and turns over on her side. But over all these, the two remarkable milestones she has shown are her coos and smiles. Those are moments when I just cannot take my eyes off her and how I praise God for His hands that are so beautifully molding her day by day!

Looking back there is one incident I can never erase from my mind. Recollecting it makes my heart skip a beat even now. It was a pleasant sunny afternoon. DH was working on his computer. I was running some errands in the house. Baby K had just had a good bath, a stomach full and was fast asleep like an angel. All of a sudden DH was reminded of the wasps and honeybees that often visit our house and wanted to protect his baby girl from those dangerous little fellows. He took the pink mosquito net he had purchased a week ago, pulled the string on top, opened it and just when he was about to cover her with it.. He accidentally pressed the notch on top.. The mosquito-net closed right over her sending the middle steel rod straight towards her tender chest with such a force I can never imagine!

I screamed. Our hearts almost stopped and we froze in fear. Our minds immediately raced with thoughts of all that could have happened to our baby girl. We knew the next would be a loud helpless cry.. But Shhhhhh.. There was pin drop silence. Not even a mild moan. We looked closer. The steel rod was just a millimeter above her chest and our darling was still in her deep sleep. Nothing had disturbed her. Nothing woke her up. There she lay so peaceful and secure in her Creator’s arms! Right between that steel rod and my baby’s tender chest came His hand – His nailed pierced hand!

I then realized that no matter how extra cautious and careful we are as parents none but God can protect our babies cause they are all the apple of His eye.

Thank you, Lord, for you care… You care so much more than us!

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