CHILD – A Magazine Every Mommy Would Love

I am not a newspaper/magazine lover. But a couple of months ago, while I was shopping in the nearby grocery store, my eyes fell on one particular magazine in the magazine rack – CHILD. I glanced through the pages, found the content very interesting and just couldn’t resist buying it!

CHILD caters to moms who have kids between the ages 0 to 12. The content varies from fun craft ideas, recipes to very important parenting ideas and tips. Each article is packed with so much information that is a must-know for all moms. 
The magazine also introduces you to a wide range of toys and games for each age group along with great deals and coupons. Under the column ‘Check Out’ you’ll find kiddie programs/activities going on in your city. Moms who love dressing up your kids can pick ‘in’ fashion tips. This month’s edition has some great tips for moms who are striving to keep themselves fit and 50 plus super cool ideas for Christmas!
We’ve been having powercuts every single day for the last I don’t know how many months. I’ve reached a point where I’ve given up cribbing and have learnt to put that time to better use. I plan my day in such a way that I finish all the chores before the afternoon powercut and put K80 to sleep. 3 pm to 4 pm is me-time. I spend that time on doing things I enjoy. I’ve started loving this magazine so much that I make sure I allot at least 20 minutes to it in my precious me-time!
For moms who’d love to subscribe to this magazine, I’d suggest you first buy one issue (Rs.100 per copy) from your nearby grocery store and find out for yourself if you really enjoy it. For those who would like to subscribe, check out the following links for good discounts on the subscription,

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