Her Tiny Hands Offered to Help

It was sometime last week. I enjoyed one of the best walks with my little girl to the nearby supermarket. It’s a ten minute walk which she really loves as she gets to see many stray dogs by the road side. Each time she spots a dog, she’ll react as if she just saw Tom Cruise or Bradley Cooper (btw, the latter is my favorite Hollywood star)!

Okay, back to the story! I finished my shopping. With an almost 10kg bag of vegetables and groceries in one hand and a ten plus kg toddler on my waist, I somehow managed to cross a busy road and stopped at our regular road side banana vendor. The old vendor handed me half a dozen bananas in a plastic bag (plus a free banana in my daughter’s hands!).

As I was about to proceed with our walk back home, K80, who by now finished eating her free banana and was holding my hands and walking beside me, turned towards me and said, “Mummy.. Carry!” I was like.. No way! I’m not Hercules! I tried explaining to her that I cannot carry her and a heavy bag. Also told her that she’ll get to see more dogs if she walks and yada yada yada!

She interrupted me while I was still explaining (almost pleading her to walk) and pointed towards the bag I was carrying and said, “carry!” This time I got it! She wanted to carry a bag too! For a minute I was dumbstruck – firstly, relived that she didn’t mean me to carry her.. secondly, by such a cute gesture!

I handed her that bag of bananas and she was so overjoyed to carry it all the way home. Well, yes, she did drop it a couple of times. But, like I care!

I am not sure if her intention was to help or if she just wanted to imitate me by carrying a bag. Whatever was the case, I immediately felt God talking to me on our walk back home.

Many a times I choose to carry my burdens myself, while all along God offered His mighty hands to carry it. I was either too proud or trusted Him less that I took His offer lightly. But hopefully, never again!

When He choose to carry that torturous, painful cross just for us.. won’t He carry our cares?

Cast the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.
1 Peter 5:7 AMP

2 thoughts on “Her Tiny Hands Offered to Help”

  1. No wonder it is said that the child is the father of man. You can imagine how many surprises you gave us, when you were a child. Only we didn't have a comp. then. Enjoy every moment of His love manifested in your child. Dad

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