Miss. Inquisitive

The last couple of months, KT has been picking up a lot of words and phrases. There is one word that she keeps bombarding me with a zillion times a day. It’s the first word scientists and renaissance asked themselves. It is… W-H-A-T!

From the minute KT enters a place/room, she will point at every single item her eye can spot and ask me, “What is this, mummy?”

I’ll be answering her question and before I could finish, she’ll point at something else and ask me, “What is this, mummy?”

Though it is fun most of the times, it gets exhausting sometimes. However, it has made me wonder how the world appears through the eyes of my two year old. Definitely not the way I see it – sometimes dull, sometimes boring and rarely beautiful. For KT, every simple thing sparks her sense of wonder. There is something for her to discover in everything. Whereas for me, I have got used to everything I see that it rarely catches my attention or matters to me anymore, sadly.

Very soon, she is going to fire me with her next big question W-H-Y! In the meantime… I got to recapture my sense of wonder!