Big Much

KT had to spend a couple of days with her grandparents and cousins as TH and I were away. She has never spent a day away from me. I was quite anxious if she would miss me. Surprisingly she had a blast bunking school and spent all day playing with her cousins. While I was spending every idle minute wondering how she was and what she was up to, I was shocked that she was too busy to even say ‘hello’ to me over phone 😦

We returned yesterday afternoon. I was so eager to seeing her. I just couldn’t wait to grab her in my arms. I missed her a lot. Two days was a LONG separation for us. However, I wasn’t expecting the same enthu from her as she was in the company of her fun cousins!

The minute she saw me she came running to me and gave me a tight hug. That was all I needed. I kissed her and asked,

“Peaches, did you miss mummy?”

“Yes, mummy”

“How much d?”

“Tooo much!”

She thought for a minute. Corrected herself and said, “No too much, mummy… Peaches missed big much!”

TH and I broke into laughter.  I explained to her that it is “very much” and not “big much”. But deep in my heart I was so touched that a big part of my little girl actually missed me =)

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