Our New Bedtime Routine

Allow me to make a confession. I haven’t been a very perfect mommy, especially when it comes to a proper bedtime routine. I often gave into watching my favorite TV program when I should actually be putting KT to sleep. So say 15 minutes before the program, I’d hurriedly try to put her to sleep. It rarely worked and the poor girl would end up sleeping on my lap out of absolute boredom while I watched TV (My! I sound terrible, don’t I? I know! Sigh!)

Well, don’t judge me yet. I’ve resolved to change. I’ve made up my mind to sacrifice my favorite program (Thanks to next day repeat telecast ;)). I’ve come up with a new routine – nothing unusual or out of the blue. I’m sure many of you good mommies out there are already following something similar. But I am documenting mine here because I want it to be a commitment I’ll stick to!

Here goes our routine (timings are constantly subject to change.. but only by a difference of 10 mins!) –

8:45 pm – Brush teeth 

Brushing teeth at night is something I’m trying hard to inculcate at 30. I don’t want that to be the case with KT!

9:00 – Family Prayer

On working days, the ‘family’ includes just me and KT. We sing a couple of songs. Mostly, songs I learnt as a child from my granma. We then say Psalm 23 together. She’s memorized four verses. Just two more to go. I hope she learns it before her 3rd birthday. This is followed by both of us praying.

Watching her on bent knees, folded hands and half shut eyes is one cute sight. She begins praying for her immediate family – parents, grandparents and cousins. Sometimes she forgets a couple of names and when I remind her, she’ll quickly open her eyes and enquire how that person is and where they are at the moment. She’d resume praying after my explanation!

9:15 – Story Time

We’re covering two Bible stories (from her Children’s Bible) and one general story. I usually repeat the Bible story for a few days consecutively until she gets familiar with the characters. I also play her a Bible DVD (which came along with the Bible) the next day so she can picturise the story I read the previous night.

9:30 – Psalty Time

The lights go off. I start playing her Psalty‘s songs softly on my mobile. Psalty’s has played an exceptional role in my early years. My parents had no TV (not until Kalaignar gifted one a few years ago!). So all me and my brother grew up listening to was Psalty and likewise. It molded my child-like faith and I owe the little English I know to it! Although the songs are older than I am, it’s simple and upbeat. Even now, in moments of doubt and disbelief, these songs are my antidote! So, this is something I’d like to pass on to KT. She’s already picked up a couple of songs and I’m glad she’s beginning to enjoy it!

Moments later… The princess drifts to sleep!

As simple as our routine might sound, I must say it’s left me with a sort of satisfaction I can never explain. This routine is not more than a week old, but I’ve begun to relish a great time of bonding with my little girl. Yes! We do stuff together the entire day – right from the time she wakes up, we’re together. However, there is something unique about the time I spend with her at bedtime. It’s a time I switch from being a mother into a child. It feels lovely. For those few moments, the worries of my day fade and I get lost in a world of innocence. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything in the world (not even for Eat Street on Fox Traveller! Just kidding!) I want this to go on forever… At least until my little girl becomes big and gets bored of my stories!

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