Mommy Dreams Over Jigsaw Puzzle

Last week, we invited a friend of ours with her hubby over for lunch. She gifted KT a 48 piece Princess lenticular jigsaw. I safely tucked it into KT’s shelf for later use as she’s used to only 8 – 10 piece puzzles at the moment.

Of late I am trying to restrict her time on the comp and on my mobile while eating. As an alternative, I either read her a story or engage her in some activity while I feed her. This afternoon, she wasn’t interested in a story, coloring or her old puzzles. By hook or crook I have to make her eat lunch, else the mother in me wouldn’t be at peace. So! With no choices left, I released the princes puzzle!

IMG_5871KT was jubilant when she saw those colorful 3D pieces. In her state of excitement the food started getting in faster (Woohoo! Mission almost accomplished!). The pieces were too many and the 3D effect made it more challenging to figure out where each piece fit. A plate of food in one hand and jigsaw pieces on another was beginning to get difficult to tackle. V, my hubby, who was waiting for his cab decided to join us (So thankful he did!).

Now it was three of us around jigsaw pieces strewn on the floor. I fed KT, V figured where each piece went and KT would place the piece in its place!

As inconsequential as it may seem, I began to savor that moment – three of us bonding over a piece of puzzle and plate of rasam rice! A sense of peace and contentment came over me. I felt my world was complete – food on the table, clothes to wear and above all, people to love and be loved!

That’s when the idea struck – I should start a family tradition! A tradition that makes sure we spend quality family time on a regular basis within affordable means. Looking back it occurred to me that we mostly when about doing things in pairs – V & I, V & KT or KT & me. Yes, we do do a lot of things as a family. We go to church, travel, read, speak, play, laugh.. you know the everyday, common, routine stuff!

But when I say ‘tradition’, I mean certain activity in particular, which my children could recollect and cherish doing as a family and pass it on to their kids. Well, here’s what I dream of doing in the future –

  •  Jigsaw Night on first Fridays
  • A game of Pictionary or likewise on second
  • Movie night on third
  • Bible study on fourth
  • Long drive/walk if there is a fifth Friday

This is the sort of tradition I hope/dream to start – nothing fancy and definitely nothing that would pinch our pocket. We may even choose to do something different from what’s listed based on our children’s interest. But one thing it would do for sure is, bring us closer as a family unit and unknowingly make memories that would last a lifetime and longer!

Do you have such family traditions? Did your parents have such while bringing you up? How do you/did you enjoy it? Please share. Would love to read and learn!