A Note of Thanks

A Note of Thanks

Today is KT’s last working day. She completes her playschool. Over the last months she has learnt a lot and made good friends. I sent her teacher a Thank You card with a small note. Her name is Kavitha. KT loves her. On most days when she returns from school, she tells me, “Mummy, teacher smiley Peaches!” Of all that her teacher teaches it is the smile that matters a lot to my girl!

I believe God handpicks the people in our lives to shape, influence and direct us towards the bigger purpose. So is teacher Kavitha for KT. She is the first person KT was introduced to as a ‘teacher’. I am thankful for the role she has played in making KT who she is today!

Look forward to the day my girl will write her own Thank You notes =)

PS: Teacher K’s reply to the Thank You note –


One thought on “A Note of Thanks”

  1. Oh, you don’t have to wait long, my dear. Kids are growing up so fast these days, especially girls, I feel 🙂 . Enjoy and cherish every moment of her growing up, I hope you are capturing all her sweet moments on video. I did, and now we replay them and thoroughly enjoy watching all her antics when she was a baby and toddler. Didn’t realize when she has become a seven year old. Now she behaves so very mature and girlish, I really miss her baby days but I am enjoying every bit of her growing up too and her loving and caring ways. She is very appreciative of good things around and of me and keeps surprising me with small notes of ‘thank you’s and compliments. I am loving it!! You will, too, very soon !!!

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