A Laid Back Vacay

A few weeks back, my mum twisted her ankle while walking and got two of her bones fractured. She underwent a surgery and is now at home recovering. I felt I could be of some help to her as she recuperates and KT’s presence would cheer her up. So KT and I endured an adventurous bus journey and arrived in Tanjore.

This is the first time we’re visiting my parents ever since their move to Tanjore. Growing up in BHEL Township, a beautiful, green corporate residential campus, I have always dreaded my parents post-retirement-move to Tanjore. My idea of Tanjore has always been completely dull and absolutely boring. However, on arriving here, I realized how my preconceived notions were totally wrong.

Although this small neighborhood where mum and dad have pitched their retirement house is no comparison to BHEL, it does have some unknown elements that makes it very tranquil and serene.

Since mom is confined to the house, so are we. Dad is busy running all errands. I was a wee bit worried KT and I will get bored. Surprisingly we’re not! Apart from taking care of mum, I have time to relax, read, enjoy the quietness and savor parotta and mutta-parotta every alternate night. KT finds something or the other around the house to keep herself amused and entertained.


When we entered my parents house, my dad knowing that his grand-daughter is an ardent animal lover, had a surprise waiting for her. Some family friend had gifted my mum a live hen a couple of days prior to our visit. They asked mum to prepare soup with it as it is said to speed-up her recovery. Not having the heart to kill it, my dad kept it for KT. KT dearly calls it Koli-hen (‘Koli’ is hen in Tamil). My dad and KT pet and pamper Koli-hen so much that it has now become a new addition to our family. It walks around the house so fearlessly like it owns this territory!


A family of shepherds have camped in the neighborhood with close to 300 sheep. The shepherds take their sheep for grazing in batches past our house. KT simply loves watching them. She says they are off to school!


Other times, she just sits on the window sill and does her coloring!



We’ll be off to Hyderabad in a few days. It’s been such a refreshing break so far. It’s sad that mum met with a fall. However, KT and I are thoroughly enjoying her company 24/7!

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