Happy Dragon

KT has adjusted pretty well with the new addition in our family. She understands mommy needs to pay more attention to her baby sister. She’s really good when it comes to keeping herself engaged. The only time she requests my company is to read her bedtime stories, which I totally enjoy!

Apart from jigsaw puzzles, connecting the dots and building blocks, her new interests include styling her grandma’s hair (slightly torturous for the grandma, but totally entertaining for we the onlookers), rehearsing the art of tying sari with a black dhupatta and playing teacher with her dolls and invisible children (one very serious and very strict teacher, let me warn you!)!

When it comes to coloring KT has always been reasonably good. It was one of the few options she had at our Hyderabad apartment, since the chances of playing outdoors were almost zilch. During the last three months of our stay here in Tanjore (my parents’ home), she is enjoying more people to pamper her and more choices of hobbies. Coloring has obviously taken a back seat!

A few days back, I was quite surprised to spot her with her coloring book and color pencils. When I went closer, I was all the more surprised. There she was coloring a dragon so neatly with the colors well within the borders. I fell for her choice of colors – really bright and vibrant, like the ones I’ve seen in Chinese paintings!

But the minute I complimented her, the shy came and she ran away leaving two thirds of the poor dragon in black and white!


Only yesterday she was inspired to complete the coloring page.


I was thoroughly impressed! That’s one multicolored happy dragon! Kudos KT Chellam!

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