Sisters Keepsake Project 002: Footprint Art

I enjoy capturing moments, preserving memories and cherishing keepsakes. Recently I realized it would be fun to make my girls do something together over different stages of their growing up years which I could later gift them when they are young women in memory of their younger years!

Here’s their first keepsake project!

Spread your wings and fly, my butterflies!
Spread your wings and fly, my butterflies!

6 thoughts on “Sisters Keepsake Project 002: Footprint Art”

  1. Michele…ur definetely one of the best…..y didn’t i think of all this for my 2 gals………better now than never i guess…..iam going to do your projects as well…..please keep posting knowingly well that one mom here is trying all this for her gals toooo

  2. superbbb idea i did this for my son just the imprint of his foot …. this one is sooper cool how did u manage to take ur baby’s footprint …. let me know …. i love this want to try with my kids tooo .
    sooper cool mommy Michele

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