Farewell Little A

A once-in-a-lifetime friend happens once in a lifetime!

Little A is my in laws’ neighbor! Over the last year, every time we go to our in laws’, she comes over and plays with KT!

She is so delicate, sweet and super soft-spoken! The only person she actually speaks to is KT! They both shared a pure, simple, no-fuss friendship! No personal or senti talks! They color, play, joke and laugh!

By the end of this month A’s family is moving to a different part of the city! Last evening was probably the last time they played and saw each other! Despite being completely aware of that fact, they did not give each other a farewell speech or a gift! They played and laughed as usual! When it was time to say bye, or rather good-bye, to each other, I could see so much of unspoken emotion in their twinkling eyes! But all they did was just exchange their daddies mobile numbers and promised each they will stay in touch!

I was completely lost in that moment observing these two. Their friendship may be fleeting, but that brief time they were acquainted with each other they were genuine pals!

Although children exist in the same world as ours, they are in a whole new world of their own – a world so uncomplicated, so innocent and so full of love! It is a world that could so easily go unnoticed if we consciously don’t pause and pay attention!

A, you are a beautiful little girl with a bright and beautiful future that awaits you! I am so glad you and KT enjoyed a memorable friendship!

KT and A

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