Kaity & Krissy’s Europe Adventures

Travel has always been one of my passions. Like most dreamers, someday I would like to travel the world. Although going to a certain place for a few days would be nice to unwind, I personally love to stay in a place for a longer period of time and explore the place like a local.

In the year 1988, when I was just six years old, we got the opportunity to visit Germany and England. Spent 45 days in Germany and 15 in England. Thanks to my mum who was the photog of the 80s. I still cherish those memories on print!

In Germany with our host Ursula
At England with our host Moureen

Back in 2012, we got to spend five months in London. With the Queen’s Jubilee, the 2012 Olympics and my cousin’s wedding, it was a very special and celebratory time there.

Since Vj would go to work and most of our weekends were spent visiting friends, it was pretty much just me and KT who explored the city on our own. I got myself a London Planner. I would check the weather for the entire week. Pick sunny days, pack curd rice and the moment Vj steps out for work, KT and I would step out, or stroll, out exploring new places!

It was the year I just started Project 365 – a year in pictures. When the UK trip came along it just added to my excitement and I enjoyed documenting our stay! You can take a look at it here!

Cousin’s pre-wedding boat party on river Thames
At Birmingham
At Stratford-upon-avon, Shakespeare’s Birthplace

It has been just a few days since we arrived here in Stockholm, Sweden. I am overwhelmed and super excited about exploring this city, the country and hopefully the neighboring countries.

‘Kaity & Krissy’s Europe Adventures’ is a series I plan to do during our stay here. I would be documenting the places we go to in pictures! I really hope my girls would cherish this years from now!

The girls playing in the tiny play area in front of our house

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