K&K at Lötsjön

Exploring the city of London with a 2 year old on a stroller was easy four years ago. I was skeptical if I would be able to do the same with an additional child. So over the last two weeks, I stuck to my comfort zone and just took the girls to the nearby park by walk. However, curiosity got the better of me. I decided I must step out of my comfort zone and explore more of this charming city. To start with, I chose a place not too far – Lötsjön.

One of my pass times while we were preparing to come here, was checking out places on Google and taking a virtual look at them in detail on Google Earth! Lötsjön is one of the places I had penned down on my list of must-see-places-in-Stockholm almost a month before coming here.


Lötsjön is a petite lake situated north of Stockholm. It has a fountain in the heart of it and a comely promenade encircling it.


The variety of water birds, geese and swans are one of its star attractions!


KT and Krissy were thrilled at the sight of them. They had so much fun feeding them the bread I had taken!


After exhausting the bread, we began our stroll around the lake. We hadn’t gone too far, when we were surprised with this pretty little spot full of colorful little flowers. So pretty that it was totally out of a Monet painting!


The flowers were literally dazzling in the evening sun. I had to take some time to soak in all that beauty!


It was a wonderful walk from there amidst the trees and we were greeted by more geese!


The road took us to a play area. While I relaxed and people watched, the girls had a great time playing!


After a fabulous time, we had to head home!


The bus ride to and back Lötsjön was smooth. We went past some gorgeous neighborhoods with typical colorful Swedish homes. I hope to document them sometime. But on the whole, I confronted my fear of travelling around with the girls and got over it. I’ve already got the list of places I can’t wait to explore. Only hoping summer sticks around a little longer!

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