K&K at Tekniska Museet

“When a child says science is boring, I cringe. Science is the world and that is far from boring.” – Walt Whitman

I was that child – too bored with the formulas, equations, technicalities, complexities, elaborate scientific names and what not! But growing up, the facts of science began to astound me – to such an extent that I always maintained a safe distance from it!

While browsing for kid-friendly places here in Stockholm, the Tekniska Museet – the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, was one of the most recommended places!


I decided I was taking the girls. However, I had some concerns,

Will the kids understand the exhibits?

Will I understand? 

How am I going to explain it to them, just in case I happen to understand?

My mind was made up to go. We went. It took us almost an hour and a half, switching three buses!

We were welcomed by some cool graffiti!

K13A5394K13A5503K13A5505K13A5515 On entering the museum, I had to confront my fears! There were huge ancient machines and gadgets I had no clue about. And then there were stuff like – telescope, microscope, ancient vehicles and the likes, which I knew about, but my kids were not too amused by it!


Just when I was about to loose hope, we found a massive screen with tow tablets opposite to it. Yay! Something for kids! It was a cool app! It converted the kid’s doodles into 3D images!


The following section was also for older kids and adults. My girls started to get restless!


At least Krissy was having some fun with the little toy stove and the colorful walls!


The next section was ‘Megamind’. Most of the reviews were about this. It is known to showcase futuristic ideas that we can explore and experiment. So I held on to dear hope that my girls will have something that they will enjoy!

On entering the Megamind, our jaws dropped – both mine and my girls!


It is a world of its own! There is so much to see, do and experience! You need not have an extensive knowledge of science! All the instructions are both in Swedish and English – simple and easy to figure out!

In no time, I became an inquisitive child!


This was one crazy station! You gotta sit in front of the yellow screen and you can paint with your eye movement! Like.. How crazy is that!


There was this other station, were you can move a metal ball with your mind! I saw kids doing it! Mind blowing! Unfortunately, no pics of that!

The Little Architects section was my kids’ favorite!


Then there was this play area. The girls had fun here as well!


The Megamind was my favorite section! It went beyond formulas and equations. It gives us a glimpse of the endless possibilities our minds can achieve! Our minds are for more than mere thoughts and day dreams. It has power! Power over us and the elements around!


If only we knew what our minds are capable of, we would not be mere humans… But super-humans – how we were created and meant to be!

For the kids, the museum was fun. For me, it was an enlightening experience! Totally going back again with Vijay!

Right behind the museum bus stop, is this vast green meadow. The setting sun and the endless greenery, was treat to the eyes. Just couldn’t help clicking a few pics of my girls!


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