K&K in Germany: Day 3 – By River Rhein

It was Sunday, 25th September 2016, we enjoyed a solemn German service. It was a small gathering. The sound of the piano and the voices singing ancient German hymns sounded simply heavenly!

The sermon was simple and profound. It was titled ‘Home’. The speaker spoke on how every person longs for a home – not a material one, but one where they are loved and accepted. He is a social worker who is working among refugees. He started with fond memories of his home – how kitchen was the heart of their home. He moved on to say what a sad state it is when one is homeless. Lastly he concluded saying one can feel homeless despite having every materialistic thing in life and the only place and person we all can come home to is our Creator Himself! Thanks to Paul anna for translating the sermon to us!

While the kids and Sheeba spent the morning home, Paul took us to a Dam. We walked around it for a bit enjoying the sunshine and the sight of the water.


We came home right in time for Sheeba’s delicious Chicken Biryani and lamb cutlets! I am drooling even as I type this! I would totally visit Duisburg just for that Biryani!!


Sam and Jenny, our new friends from the previous day’s fellowship, joined us to spend the rest of the day! Their’s is one of a kind love story – Listened to it as we savored the Biryani!


We drove to the nearest Rhine river!


We walked through lush green meadows and trees!


The kids had a blast in the water although it was super cold!


Krissy made the most of the waters! She was shivering, yet she wanted to stay in the water!


The meadows beckoned me to take photographs!


Paul and Sheeba, what a couple and what a family – BLESSED & a BLESSING! So want to write about them, but saving the best for my last post on Germany 😉


These little love birds! They melt my heart ❤


We watched the sun glisten on Rhine and slowly walked away!


From there we came to Duisburg Rhine Park!

The minute I saw these trees perfectly lined up and so uniformly green, I had to do a photoshoot!


Sam and Jenny were up and ready when I asked them to pose! They were totally into posing one pose after another! It was such fun clicking these two! Will share pics from their session on a different post!


For a change it was nice to get clicked. Got some good pics of me and Vj at last!


There was a small play area wherever everyone jumped and climbed! Unlike the usual swing and slide, it was something different!


Our final destination for the day was the Graffiti walls at the park!


It was a relaxed and fun day! Bought some German doner kebab on our way home for dinner! Put the kids to sleep and played an epic Dixit game, literally rolling on the floor laughing!  Just thinking of it makes me grin 🙂

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