K&K’s First Snowfall

It has been an incredible feeling experiencing each season so uniquely –

the colorful spring flowers and moderate sunshine,


the crisp air of autumn and the pretty hues of fall where every leaf is a flower,


and now the magical snowfall which I have only dreamt of until now!

A few days ago, the weather forecast predicted snowfall. The girls and I waited all evening. It was persistently raining. The temperature dipped to zero degrees. The kids went to bed and I was sitting beside the window and working on the computer.

I lifted my head and saw the street light outside, in its light I could see small white particles gently falling. It took me a few moments to realize it was actually snowing! It was a surreal moment!


I just couldn’t wait for morning and for the girls to be surprised!

When the girls woke up, they were ecstatic to see the snow!


That morning I didn’t care how late we are going to be for school. All along the way the kids played in the snow!


JB Priestley was right when he wrote,

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”

That is exactly how I felt waking up to a white neighborhood!


On Sunday evening, after church, we decided to take a walk in Kungsträdgården!


Our dear friend, Beulah, accompanied us!


We enjoyed watching people ice skate!


Yesterday morning, I dropped the girls at school and I was walking to the supermarket in the snow. It was then I realized that up until that moment, I was so caught up with the idea of snow and preoccupied with clicking pictures, that I had failed to touch, feel and experience it!

I immediately stood on the sidewalk and watched the snowflakes gently fall on my jacket! To my utter amazement, each snowflake actually had a beautiful pattern like the ones in Frozen movie and the snowflake emoji on our mobiles!


How the Creator has put beauty in the most minutest details of nature is just mind blowing! To Him, every small detail matters – the smallest details of your life which you may think others don’t care about or it’s not worth sharing… Those small things that bother you, stress you, worry you and matter to you, matters to your Maker! He is beautifying each detail of your life!

As I continued to walk to the supermarket, I consciously enjoyed the snowflakes falling on my face – I felt like God was showering me with confetti, celebrating me His child!

Over the last months here, each time the topic of snow came up, I was told that only the first week of snowfall is all magical and enchanting and soon it becomes more of an inconvenience – snow turning into ice, people slipping, ice melting and becoming slushy muddy puddles, very short days and long dark nights!

As apprehensive as I am at the thought of it, I would like to stay hopeful. My only prayer is that I do not loose the sense of wonder in small things. I do not want that sense of thrill and enchantment to cease over time.

One of the great tragedies of the twenty-first century is eyes that don’t see and ears that don’t hear.  Although your eyes may be full of exciting images, you cannot see God working in your life.  Your ears are full of wonderful sounds, but you cannot hear God speak. God is at work everywhere, at all times, and in all things. He decided that everything He touched would turn to beauty.  God doesn’t do ugly.  He only does beauty, and He does it on a grand scale.  Beauty is God’s fingerprint.  In your sense of wonder you discover the fingerprints of God. – Dr. Dave

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