K&K in Germany: Day 4 – Sechs Seen Platte

This post has been pending for the last couple of months. Our trip to Germany to our friends Paul and Sheeba being one of the memories I will treasure from 2016, I am documenting this before we wrap up this year!

I still remember the day so clearly – Monday, 26th September, the last day of our much awaited trip to Germany arrived in a jiffy. I don’t like that feeling one gets when a much awaited moment is soon about to end. Such moments, as the clock begins to tick, I try my best to savor every moment possible!

Being the last day and a flight to board later in the evening, the plan was to just take a stroll in the woods nearby!


The lovely sunshine shining through the tall green trees and the clean gentle breeze took me back to 1987 when I visited Germany as a six year old! I vividly remember the day our hosts took us on a stroll to a similar woods. I was wearing a silky pink frock. My hair was as long as KT’s in these pics. I was engulfed with the same feeling of calm and awe!


Each time our path took us close to the water, the kids enjoyed watching fishes and we the view of the beautiful river Rhine!


We got to bump on some of the most majestic and cutest dogs!


This trip was more than just exploring a new country. To me this trip was very special, meaningful, satisfying and memorable because of the wonderful moments we shared with this dear family!

It was one thing to know them as friends back in collage, but totally different to meet them as a couple with their lovely kids!


There are a few couples whose chemistry allures – Paul and Sheeba are one such. Paul being witty, adventurous, humorous and thoughtful, while Sheeba is also all that in a more calm and collected way! Their love for God and people was so evident!


Honestly, when I now look back on our trip, more than the places we saw, I only remember our conversations and the jokes for which we almost rolled on the floor laughing! Amidst all the laughter and the chatter, I could sense the passion this couple shared to live life to its fullest in the most purposeful manner! Absolutely admirable!


The spot we finally arrived was right out of a english movie! I have seen such places only in movies and postcards!


Spot a good spot and KT would instantly want a mini picnic like she sees in Peppa Pig!


Since we had a mat handy and a few snacks in our bags, we enjoyed a mini picnic!


It was almost time for us to leave. So took some family pics!


With only a couple of hours left to leave to the airport, we quickly stopped at the Duisburg mall to grab some lunch!


While we picked Chinese…


The kids feasted on delicious Nutella crepes!


It was literally finger licking good!


Finally the time came to wave goodbyes (we actually kept waving for a long long time until we lost sight of each other at the airport!)!

Paul and Sheeba, THANK YOU – for all your love, care, all that you did and all that you were to us! Means a lot! We eagerly await your visit to us!

2 thoughts on “K&K in Germany: Day 4 – Sechs Seen Platte”

  1. மிகவும் நேர்த்தியாக ஆங்கிலத்தில் குறிப்புகளோடு எழுதலுக்கு நன்றி அம்மிணி.

    உங்கள் வரவை மறுபடியும் காண ஆவலோடு இருக்கிறோம்.

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