First Snow of 2017

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow!

-Sarah Coleridge

One thing snow and waves have in common is – we can watch both for hours on end! It’s like those live desktop wallpapers where the background is still and something in the foreground keeps moving or changing!

We really hoped it would be a white Christmas! It wasn’t!¬†However, since we are still on vacation (not for long though!), everyday feels like Christmas!

I took a short nap on Jan 2nd. When I woke up and peeked through the window, our neighborhood was covered in snow! My girls and I were over the moon!

That evening I left the house at it was. Got the kids into their snow gear. Walked out of our apartment to click some pics!

It was unusually windy. So took just a few pics and rushed back home!


Krissy constantly sticks her tongue out in the snow and enjoys eating the snow!


Just when KT was singing and dancing, a wind blew and the umbrella turned up side down ūüėČ


One thing we noticed is that when it snows, it brightens up the darkest night! Probably the snow reflects light! I am not really sure of the science behind it. But it just illuminates the sky!

As most of you may know, last year was a very difficult year as I lost my only brother. Just looking back, I wonder how I survived all those months and how I am even now. I mostly keep all my feelings to myself. Sometimes I share it with my parents since they are the only ones who will understand and they are a great source of faith and strength.

What I am going through is too deep and personal. I am still on the road to emotional recovery. Someday when I feel I am there, I may write about it.

But if I were to sum up my journey over the last months in short – I can only say God’s love is literally covering me like a blanket of snow. It’s beyond human reason or logic. It’s my experience. He just eases my pain with a peace the world cannot give or understand. His love picked up the shattered pieces of my heart, fixed it and has restored a glow of hope in me!

Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow.
Now wash me with Your love, and I shall be whiter than snow.

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