K&K at Tuvanparken in Snow

It was one of the coldest days on record. I was unaware of it. When I looked from the window, the heaps of snow just beckoned to build a snowman!


I got the kids into their snow gear and headed to the park!


It kinda felt colder than usual! I convinced myself that it cannot get bad!


Watching people taking their kids and pets for walk, I was more convinced that it was just another snowy day! May be a little too windy than usual!


KT picked sticks for the snowman’s hand, while Krissy just enjoyed eating the snow falling on her face!


This one is for all the dog lovers out there! It was such a cute sight to watch these fellows enjoy their snowy stroll!


The girls and I found a spot and started working on our snowman. Within minutes, snow went inside their gloves and we had to abort mission snowman ūüė¶


We stomped through the snow to the kids play area!


The girls enjoyed for a while, until…


… Krissy threw her gloves in the snow! You can see her here with her bare hands!


The cold got to her and she began crying uncontrollably! She began to shiver! I freaked and rushed back home! She insisted I carry her. It was quite a challenge she she had multiple layers of clothes and a snow suit! Ten minutes away from our home, I couldn’t feel my feet! I was praying to frantically that we somehow make it to our doorstep!

Thankfully we did! I breathed a sigh of relief like I had just climbed Mt. Everest!


Tuvanparken is the very first place I came to with my girls when we first moved here in late summer. You can check out how this place looked, all lush and green back then, here!

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