Småfolk Bathrobe Review

Småfolk is Scandinavian for ‘Little People’. Småfolk is also a renowned Danish clothing brand that focuses of quality eco-friendly clothing for children! They are all about happy colors, minimalistic design and patterns that create memories for kids!

It’s an honor for Kaity and Krissy to represent this brand 🙂

Here is our review on their Bathrobe!


The one Kaity is wearing is a Lavender bathrobe and the one Krissy is in is wan blue.


The fabric is super soft Turkey towel cotton!


I love how their emblem, the apple, neatly borders the bathrobe!


Krissy who is a lover of pockets in her jackets and pants, loves the two pockets in her bathrobe 🙂


My girls use this robe not only after their shower, it will accompany us when the girls go swimming in a pool or a beach! Bring on the summer 🙂


You can find these bath robes here and here!

Visit Småfolk for more awesome Scandinavian kids wear 🙂