K&K on Vikingline M/S Gabriella in Småfolk

This was a much awaited trip that we saved for Vj’s parent’s visit! The fact that they are visiting combined with the thought of going on a cruise to Helsinki kept us in a state of excitement from the time we booked our tickets!

The day arrived and we set foot in the massive M/S Gabriella. Although not super fancy and luxurious, those narrow maze-like passages leading to numerous cabins gave me the Titanic feeling!

We quickly placed our luggage in our compact cabins and sprung to the 10th floor deck to enjoy the sight of the ship departing from Stockholm into the Baltic sea.


The weather was cold, rainy and super windy. But that didn’t stop us from taking in the breathtaking view. The Swedish archipelago with beautiful red and yellow houses perched on it looked literally like dollhouses from the deck! As our ship cruised past one island after another, I stood there dreaming how life must be in those islands inside those houses! Left alone there, I would listen to music all day or just lie down on those rocks and quietly enjoy the vast sky and sea!


My parents in law – the Rose and Jack of Gabriella that day!

There was great live music being played in Club Mar.


As a kid, I always looked forward to travel by train. The moment I anticipated the most was that instant when the train slowly starts. I will sit by the window and wait for that small jerk and the view outside to slowly move past as the train takes off.

I felt the same excitement sitting by the cruise window watching the massive ship leave ripples on the ocean and the pretty islands drift by!


We spent the rest of the evening exploring the cruise ship!


The girls were totally amused by the sounds and lights!


Krissy made the most of everything. She spent most of her time on the dance floor, while I sat there wishing I could dance like no one is watching!


The play area was small and packed with kids. My girls had a blast there!


Just a little before midnight, we returned to our cabins to get some sleep before we took over Helsinki! The ship gently sailing over the waters rocked us to sleep!


Will share our day at Helsinki on my next post!

Costume credit for the pink floral frock KT is wearing and the purple butterfly frock goes to Småfolk! Super soft organic cotton. Simple and elegant Scandinavian patterns. There is definitely something so graceful about their minimalistic patterns. It kinda adds to the child’s pure innocence and joy! Check out their website for more Dutch awesomeness!

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