The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – Book Review

I am a lover of personalized gifts. I believe it takes any gift to a whole new level. It gives a sense of belonging and adds extra sentiments. That feeling that that gift is exclusively yours is very special and you are urged to preserve it and treasure it for as long as you can!

A couple of months ago, the advertisement for ‘Lost My Name’ books kept showing up on my Facebook page. I found it so unique and intriguing that I got whisked away to their website. Trust me, it’s such a fun website! Very attractive and super easy to navigate!

The book is about a little girl/boy, who one day wakes up, and realizes that she has lost her name. And there begins her dreamy adventure! She travels places and meets amusing characters, each in some sort of a need. When the little girl helps, she gets an alphabet from her name in return!

On their website, we can type our child’s name and customize the child and the characters based on your liking. Not just that, you get to read the entire story. Even better, you can leave a personal message for the child that gets printed in the book!

Our books arrived neatly packed!


The books were in these cute monkey warps. It’s unlike the usual gift wrapping paper. It makes a perfect cover for the books.

I first handed the books to my girls and didn’t tell them anything about the book! They curiously opened it!


Now that KT is reading reasonably well, she started reading right away. She turned to the first page. She read “Dearest…”

She paused!

She looked at me. Smiled. She couldn’t believe that it was her name on print right there!

She had just turned seven. So I had left her a birthday message. She was over the moon and began to read the story with greater enthusiasm!


While KT got lost in her story. I read Krissy her’s!


The illustrations are so enticing that the characters almost pop out of the book into the child’s imagination! Krissy had no patience to listen to the story. She was inquisitive to see all the pictures, colors and characters herself!


In moments, she started to narrate her own story naming the colors and the animals she could recognize from the book!


What I love the most about these books is that the story is not as simple as the girl finding her name. The book encourages the child to dream and imagine. In each encounter the child has with the various characters in the story, there is a powerful message – eg. follow your passion, you are beautiful, appearances are deceptive (in the positive sense that not all who appear rough are bad!) and simple acts of kindness!


When KT arrived to the book’s last page, her eyes just brightened at the sight of her name printed BOLD and BIG across the page! That one look of absolute wonder was just priceless!


Just as I type this review I realize how powerful this book actually is. For the child to imagine that she is the hero of the story, she is the one who experienced these adventures, met these characters, helped them, cared for them and earned the alphabets of her name… makes a strong impression on their mind!


As Roald Dahl eloquently wrote in his last children’s story, The Minpins,

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

This book exactly does that – encourages the child to enjoy and learn from all the people, places and experiences, big or small, life will present them!


My only regret with the book is it is not hardbound! However, the quality of the pages are excellent!

At SEK 250 ($30/INR 1800) this book may seem expensive. But considering the quality of the book, free shipping worldwide and it’s unique personalized story makes every penny worth it and THE BEST GIFT you could gift your kids and children very dear to your heart!

Disclosure: I was provided with two complimentary books to review. All opinions are my own, and are totally honest!

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