Kraków Day 2 – The Free Walking Tour

After a super late night dinner and a lot of walking around (Read about Day 1 at Kraków), the weary travellers needed a restful long night of sleep to gear up for another long day of exploring!

Just the night before I left for the trip, I got a message asking if I could photograph an engagement party. I was over the moon seeing the message and I instantly agreed. The engagement party was scheduled a 12 noon in the very quaint Meho Cafe Bar & Garden.

Soon after the party, we enjoyed a lovely stroll to the Old Town.

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The sights and sounds of the Old Town will cheer every heart. There is so much happening within the town square that you could spend all day sitting there.

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Anita in front of St. Mary’s Basilica

I used to wonder sometimes how cool it would be to have background music to life as in the movies. I experienced it for real in Kraków Old Town. There is music constantly in the air.


The music, the street performances, street food and the market with unique and colourful handmade products transport you into a whole different world!


Inside the Kraków Cloth Hall


One of my goals for this trip was to try out touristy stuff that is not usually convenient to do with kids. The Free Walking Tour is something my girls are not grown up enough to enjoy yet.

We signed up for the Old Town Tour of Krakow. Our tour was scheduled at half past two in the afternoon. Our guide dressed in a green t shirt with a green umbrella was promptly waiting in front of St. Mary’s Church. Bartek, our guide, warmly welcomed our little group and soon our walking tour commenced.


Bartek shared the history behind each of the prominent buildings in the Old Town Square.

Eros Bendato, a bronze sculpture also referred to as ‘The Head’!

From the Old Town square we headed to the Jagiellonian University – the oldest university in Poland also one of the oldest surviving universities in the world.

Jagiellonian University

Founded in 1364, its notable alumni include Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II. Nicolaus was the renaissance reformer, mathematician and astronomer who established one of the elementary astronomical truths that the sun is the centre of our universe and not the earth!


How amazing when one man’s discovery alters the belief system of centuries revolutionising the very core of astronomy for the future.


Although Kraków today is an idyllic city, its history is far from what it is today. The Nizis wrecked this nation and its people in the most unimaginable manner during the Second World War. Many polish professors and intellectuals of Kraków were murdered by the Nazi SS soldiers.

Walking through the Planty Park!


The final destination on our walking tour was the Wawel Castle.


As a lover of castles, I was super excited to visit the largest castle in Poland that represents almost all European architecture styles ranging from the medieval to the baroque periods.

Entrance to the Wawel Castle
Names of donors on the brick walls of Wawel Castle who supported the refurbishment of the castle during the years 1921 – 1924.
The 16th century renaissance inner courtyard.
Old hospital & conference centre


Our tour guide Bartek concluded the tour with the famous Polish myth of the Wawel dragon. Bartek was a great guide. He knew a lot of history and shared it in the most concise and interesting manner.

Guided tours give a much deeper and detailed perspective into the places and history. Especially history rich cities have more than what meets the eye. I felt along with the culture, food, entertainment and the people, getting a glimpse into the history of the place makes the experience complete. I would highly recommend the Free Walking Tour to anyone who plans a visit to Poland or any other country in Europe!

The Old Town Free Walking Tour Batch of 19 August 2017 with Tour Guide Bartek!

Anita and I spent some time posing and clicking pictures of each other. It was so much fun. We felt like we were back in our college days with not a care in the world.


Before long, the blue sky turned to grey. It began to rain cats and dogs. That morning, it was sunny when we left our Airbnb room, we decided not to take our raincoats. Boy! How we regretted!

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After taking shelter in a cafe for nearly an hour, we daringly ventured into the pouring rain. We picked a taxi and spent the rest of the evening in the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall. With clothes and food almost half the price of what it in Sweden, we went crazy shopping!


I came across this quote on Facebook sometime ago. It perfectly describes my life! With my photography now in hand, I cannot entirely call myself a SAHM. However, my life is quite chaotic on most days.

Ever since I became a mom, hanging out with friends, enjoying a long laid back conversation with them over phone or in person, roaming around aimlessly not having to worry about the time to return home and care for the family, doing what I love and enjoy has all dwindled and almost disappeared.

This trip was meant to relive all those moments I missed from my yesteryears! And I know what a difference it made to me!

Times have changed and it is wonderful to see so many women who are self-sufficient, independent and free. More wonderful to see husbands who support and let their wives be themselves. Yet there are so many who have lost themselves in this journey of marriage and motherhood. Many who are overwhelmed, stressed and burned out. This is what I would like to tell you –

Recollect how you were 10 or 15 years ago. What did you enjoy doing the most? Who made you roll on the floor laughing? How were you? Who were you?

Take a break!

Escape from reality!

Relive the old you ❤


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