Day 4 & My List of Must-See in Kraków

We woke up to lovely sunshine on the last day of our stay at Krakow! The Old Town Square was washed clean in the previous day’s rain. Street vendors were setting up their pop up stores at the Town Square for the day’s business!kroniclesofkandk_krakowmustsee_michellejobphotography-6

While my friend Anita enjoyed an extra hour of sleep. I had my final shoot in the Town Square at 7 am. Love filled the air as I began to photograph Claire and Karthik. Soon the ancient buildings turned into a movie backdrop and I was able to capture some timeless moments!


Soon after my photoshoot, Anita joined me for breakfast at Pod Słońcem.


We enjoyed a traditional Polish breakfast of cold cut ham, some curd cheese, some mature cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers along with…


a plate of gooey scrambled eggs!


What’s a vacation without some shopping? We hit the old town square to pick some souvenirs. Amber is the native gemstone of Poland. I picked myself a pair of Amber earrings.


The pop-up shops in the Town square have a great collection of handicraft products that make for excellent gifts. I bought this handmade porcelain nativity piece from the very lady who made it.


We had to rush back to our room to pick up our luggage and leave to the airport. But we couldn’t resist these grilled Oscypek cheese on the way.


This firm sheep’s milk cheese has a combination of salty, sour, sweet and smoky flavour to it. It was one of our favourite eats on our trip.


Although our stay spanned over four days, we had only two full days to explore the city. If you are someone who plans on spending a weekend in Krakow, here is what I would suggest you do!

My List of Must-See in Krakow Within Two Days


Anita and I vowed to make an yearly trip to new countries for as long as possible. We are already planning our 2018 trip. Although our next trip is months away, the excitement has already started to build. For me, it’s not just the trip that is exhilarating. All the planning and months of the day-dreaming is what makes even the shortest trip super special!

Have you been to Krakow? What are the places you enjoyed being to? Share your Krakow experience in the comment box below!

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