K&K’s 4th Day of Christmas: ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition

While I fancy delicious Biryani and spicy Indian savouries during the festive season, Kaity and little Krissy are fond lovers of gingerbread cookies called as ‘pepparkakor’ in Swedish!

I heard of the ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition that was happening and I thought it would be something my girls will enjoy!

So off we went to the ArkDe’s Museum! The bus from Stockholm Central Station (Bus No. 65 heading to Arkitektur-/Moderna Museet) goes through one of the scenic stretches of Stockholm. The Stockholm Skyline was a beautiful sight!


The Gingerbread Houses displayed are actually submissions of this year’s Annual Gingerbread House Competition conducted by the ArkDe’s museum.


The theme for this year was ‘Boundless’. The goal was to make people think out of the box and discard all stereotype notions of how a gingerbread house or a city should look like!


The competitors were grouped into three categories: Architects, Designers & Professional Bakers, Upto twelve year olds and Everyone who bakes!


The display was unique and creative. Me and the girls were wowed by each!


While each house is an intricate creation, I was amazed at how each competitor had presumed the theme ‘Boundless’. The gingerbread houses were prototypes of what an ideal world will look like. By ideal, I don’t mean candy-coated houses. By an ideal world, I meant a world without intolerance, discrimination, prejudice or violence. A world governed by peace and harmony. That is the message each little display conveyed!

If you plan to visit the exhibition, make sure you read the description beneath each display.


This dragon was voted the winner by the audience!

The prize of the audience: Lyckodraken – Simone Stadthagen.

The exhibition is open until 7th January 2018. Do check out the ArkDes Pepparkakshus Opening Hours during the holidays. It is a relatively small exhibition. It wouldn’t take more than 45 mins to go through the 101 submissions. But definitely a must-visit if you are a gingerbread cookie lover!


It was after visiting this exhibition, we bumped on Japanese Anime Cosplay Girls and met Santa Claus!

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