K&K Sledging for the First Time!

We spent our first winter in absolute wonder. It was the first time me and the kids witnessed snow – it was and still feels magical. We used to go on walks to the neighbourhood park to play in the snow and observe what everyone does. Some I found very inspiring was, I noticed in the stroller parking lot at Krissy’s school, sledges being parked instead of strollers.

What amazed me was that irrespective of what the weather is like, no matter how hot or cold it gets, the Swedes have numerous outdoor activities that would suit each weather condition. There is no excuse to stay indoors!By the time we got used to the winter, it was soon spring.

As winter 2017 approached we kept waiting for snow and these was no sign of it! After a long wait, it snowed last week briefly. Thankfully, leaving behind enough snow that would stay over for the weekend. This time we wanted to do something more. Vijay bought a pulka, a plastic sledge and we headed to Hagaparken on Saturday!

The temperature was around -6°C. Hagaparken looked breathtaking covered in snow.


The girls were super excited and they couldn’t wait to dash through the snow on their sledge.


Once they did the first time, they went on and on for the next three hours.


As time went by, Vijay’s legs and mine were getting numb in the cold, but the girls had no intention of stopping. Their faces were beaming with joy and we simply couldn’t ask them to halt.


After endless times of sledging, we literally had to pull them out of the park. We warmed ourselves at the Haga cafe, snacked on some delicious cinnamon bun, chocolate cake and large cup of hot chocolate covered with marshmallow. It was a perfect finish to a fun day out in the snow!


We are already checking the weather forecast for the next snowfall. We cannot wait to get our pulka out again and we also look forward to trying out more snow activities!

The girls are seen wearing

Reimatec® Kiddo vinteroverall Finn and Reimatec® reflective winter gloves Vilkku

No wonder the kids spent three hours covered in snow at -6°C and not once did they complain of cold!


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