K&K’s Visit to Skansen – the First Open-air Museum & Zoo in Sweden

Writing about the places we visit, I wanted to share one of my favourite places in Stockholm as the first post for 2018! Back in 2016, when we came to know we were leaving to Stockholm, I prepared a list of places that I must see and Skansen was one of those. However, on arriving here, when I read the reviews and enquired from people about Skansen, I got extremes of feedback – people either loved it or found it extremely boring. There was no in-between feeling!

Therefore, before I could drag my family along, I decided to visit Skansen with a friend. It was winter. Three forth of the displays were closed. But still… there was so much to fall in love. The place itself transported me back in time. 

My second visit was a photoshoot at Skansen for a friend who was leaving Sweden. She wanted to take home some nordic memories and what better place than Skansen!

After my two winter visits, I could not wait for summer for Skansen to be fully operational to take my family along. Summer arrived and Vijay’s company planned a Family Day Out at Skansen!


We picked up a map at the entrance and I briefed the kids on all that we were going to see.


At Skansen, it’s a walk through time from 1720. There are original houses/buildings from different eras in Sweden.


One of the best aspects of Skansen is that these are not mere buildings. You will be in for a surprise walking into each building!


These buildings come alive with people dressed up in attires from the specific era. They beautifully explain how life was in those times.

This wonderful lady explained how toys were made out of objects that were found around home and in the woods.

If you are a lover of architecture and houses, these old red wooden houses are a eye-candy!


We visited a weavers house next. We were shown various parts of the house and we were explained how a day in their life back then was.


Women used to knit/weave and tend to the affairs of the home and family. While the men spent their days outdoors labouring or hunting.


We were shown how they kept themselves warm in extreme cold in the absence of the modern heating system.


The kids were taught how with no television, computer, mobiles, tablets or the internet, kids those days enjoyed playing with simple wooden toys, helped around at home and the lost themselves in nature!


This 75 acre open-air museum is a treat simply walking around.


One part of Skansen, consists of pretty little summer cottages from different times.


These little houses and their beautiful gardens will show how much the Swedes love, treasure and make the most of the short summer months.


KT felt like she had walked into life size dollhouse and asked me if we could buy a house like that!


These summer cottages are a testament to how the Swedes make efficient use of minimal spaces.


To see and experience more of these summer cottages and hidden gardens of Stockholm, you got to visit Eriksdalslunden kolonilotter (or allotment compound). I will soon share a post of our visit there!


From city markets, church, post-office, farmsteads, bakery, printing press to everything that makes a historic town, Skansen has it.


The collection of Scandinavian animals at Skansen are not to miss. Both kids and adults will enjoy the sight of bison, brown bear, moose, grey seal, lynx, otter, red fox, reindeer, wolf, and wolverine.

Unfortunately, I lost most of the pictures from our visit. These are the only ones left. I am thankful at least I could find these. You can find pictures of reindeers and sheeps in my first visit to Skansen.

KT and Krissy also enjoyed a fun pony ride  –

On my first visit to Skansen, I had a lovely experience of feeding sweet little Great Tits!

Ever since, I always carried around sunflower seeds in our stroller. I wanted my girls to experience the same. Sadly, due to the large crowd that day we could hardly spot any great tits. However, the sunflower seeds came handy when a friendly peacock stopped by!

Just moments before we could leave Skansen, this playful squirrel played hide and seek with us. We enjoyed following him from tree to tree!


Skansen was an instant hit with the kids too! It’s were Scandinavian history and nature come together in the heart of Stockholm!

For more info to plan your visit, visit their official website,


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