K&K’s 5 min Picture Story #1

I fell behind in documenting everyday moments of my girls. And then a few days ago, I happened to read an article on Five Minute Storytelling Adri De La Cruz Photographer on the Dear Photographer blog. That’s all the inspiration I required to get back in the groove!

Here is my first story in the series!

After nearly a year I opened my make-up bag. And by the way, it only consists of a foundation, compact powder, a set of basic blush colours and a make up brush. That’s it! Nothing fancy!

Just when I opened the bag, KT asked me to serve her breakfast. As I moved to attend to her and returned after a few minutes, my compact powder and brush went missing. I kept searching for it all over the house and finally found it right under the dinning table! I leave the pictures to tell the rest!


Remember when we were little, we always wanted to grow up? Now we realize it was better being a kid!

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