K&K’s 5 min Picture Story #2 at Kista Gård Park

The reason I am doing these 5 min picture stories is not just to improve my documentary/storytelling style of photography. I would like to capture those fleeting moments that often go unnoticed – the kind of moments that we would just want to instantly fix and keep moving on. However, it is such moments that come packed with valuable life’s lessons. If, only if, we could pause, notice and learn, we wouldn’t let those moments fleet by. Rather, let those moments become a part of us!

A couple of weeks ago, our friends invited us over to their home for lunch and to later explore their neighbourhood woods.


It was a gorgeous day – the woods blanketed in snow and the sun gleaming through the giant trees.


The kids ran loose. They picked dried up sticks and drew patterns on the snow.


KT led her little troop exploring. They looked for footprints other than human footprints and were thrilled at the sight of bird & dog footprints. They also looked for rabbit holes and bird nests.



The woods were truly lovely, dark and deep.


A short walk from the woods was the Kista Gård Park. The littles were having a great time playing.


The three got on to this swing and began swinging fast. It’s here my 5 min picture story commences!


As little Krissy was standing and swinging…


her foot slipped through the rope.


And she fell on KT. She did not cry. She simply said loudly, ‘Mama, my leg!’


We helped her out and the next moment she stood back again and resumed swinging!


Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice. -Zig Ziglar

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