Picnic at Tantolunden’s Play Park & the Allotment Gardens

Our 2017 summer was packed with picnics almost every other weekend. We found it was a great way to explore Stockholm and enjoy the long summer days in a laid back relaxed fashion.Tantolunden_KroniclesofKandK_MichelleJobPhotography-84

Situated in Årstaviken in southwest Södermalm on one of the fourteen islands that make central Stockholm, Tantolunden is one of the largest parks in Stockholm inner city.


Tantolunden is the brainchild of Stockholm’s first gardener, Alfred Medin. Work began in 1885. The plan was to create a romantic walk way around the mountainous area west of Ringvägen with a series of corridors and benches for people to enjoy the various city views under the shade of lush green trees in Summer!

Mini Golf, Tantolunden

The massive green space snugly located between the Tanto beach and the little hill is a perfect place to spend a long summer day in Stockholm.


Surrounded by some of Södermalm district’s popular eateries and takeaways, at Tantolunden, you can also enjoy a day of beach volleyball, mini golf, open air-theater and a frisbee golf course.


Tantolunden also boasts of a very typical Scandinavian play park.


We visited Tantolunden on a very summery Saturday in May last year.


Our kids and their little friends had a blast at the play park!


Vijay’s parents were with us. They both are very fond of travelling and exploring new places to such a great extent, that my co-brother has fondly given them the title ‘Mr. & Mrs. Columbus’!

Mr. & Mr. Columbus trekking Tantoberg

As the kids were playing in the play park, Mr. & Mrs. Columbus decided to go on an impromptu trek on Tantoberg’s southern slopes!


My friend and I left the kids under the dads’ supervision and joined them. I had absolutely no clue on what awaited us up the hill!


We were literally breathless when we reached on top and within moments, we were lost in the breathtaking view of Stockholm!


Still clueless, we decided to just follow a small path we found in the hill. As we strolled, we were in for a very pleasant surprise! The best part of Tantolunden awaited us – Södra Tantolundens koloniträdgårds-förening (South Tantolunden allotment garden)!


It is an oasis of miniature summer cottages and pretty little gardens.


The gardens and houses were so so pretty that my eyes and my mind simply couldn’t believe what it was seeing and experiencing!


Did we just step into a story book or a postcard?


During the World War II, when Stockholmers were going through a very trying time, this allotment garden, along with 150 others scattered across Stockholm, was set up so the impoverished could have their own small space to grow their own food.


Fast forward to today, this little hill no longer belongs to the poor! It is one of the much coveted areas by the elite of Sweden!


The wait to purchase one of these plots is easily between 20 to 50 years along with an intensive interview on the intention of purchase and interest in gardening.


While owning a property in this allotment could be beyond comprehension for a common man, anyone can enjoy its beauty! The garden paths makes it easily accessible for walkers, joggers and bicyclists!


What an absolutely gorgeous day it was! Tolkien was right when he wrote,

“Not all who wander are lost!”

I am so glad we wandered!

Mr. & Mrs. Columbus in front of their dream summer cottage & garden!

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