K&K’s 5 min Picture Story #3 at Lötsjön

Last Thursday marked the beginning of Easter break. It was a super bright and sunny afternoon!


The girls asked me to take them out somewhere. Lötsjön is a small lake ten minutes by bus from home. We go past this lake twice a week for KT’s classes and every single time, the girls enjoy the sight of the swans and geese. So I decided to take them there.


Contrary to the bright shinning sun, we first noticed that the entire lake was still frozen. Within minutes we were nearly freezing!


However, the frozen lake, the barren trees and the birds all appeared super picturesque.


While the girls and I were enjoying the beautiful sights…


…two men walked with bread for the birds.


The birds that were soaking in the sun until then, all of a sudden swarmed the two men like a mad crowd!


What happened over the next few minutes were nothing but a fight for survival!


Each biting the other’s neck!


The more we exploit nature, The more our options are reduced, until we have only one: to fight for survival. – Mo Udall


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