KT at the Royal Opera’s Påsklov Children’s Concert

I constantly have my eyes open for family-friendly, kids centered events happening in the city. 


Thanks to Little Bear Abroad for the fabulous list of seasonal kid-friendly events taking place in Stockholm. Last year, we went on the Easter Egg hunt at the Royal Palace. This year, I shortlisted the Easter flower show at Ulriksdal Palace Park or the Easter Children’s concert at the Royal Opera House.


Since we will be lost in a world of flowers at Keukenhof later this month, I decided to take KT for the concert!


Having heard and seen pictures of the Operan and the world-class performances that take place there, I was super excited about our visit.


The red carpeted stairway, the majestic sculptures and ceiling paintings embossed in gold was a glorious spectacle.


The concert was scheduled at 11 am at the Opera’s Gold Foyer.


We eagerly waited for the giant doors to open!


The Gold Foyer was very stately.


We enjoyed a musical treat of ‘Bland Fågelfångare och Älvor’ (translated Among Birdwatchers and Elves) – sung by Jens Persson, Mirjam Pfeiffer on Cello and Daniel Hormazabal Cortés on the piano.


Soon after the concert, the musicians interacted with the kids and let them try their instruments!


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