Cherishing My Miracles This Children’s Day

All through my college and the years that followed, my BIGGEST DREAM was to become a mother! I used to dream of dressing up my kids, taking them for music and dance classes, traveling with them, embracing them, reading them bedtime stories… I used to dream of everything I saw mums in advertisements and movies do.

HOWEVER, becoming a mother didn’t happen that easily for me. After months of waiting to conceive, I went to the doctor and discovered I had two massive fibroids beside my uterus. To make matters worse, my Fallopian tubes could not be detected!

The doctor said, I need to undergo a major surgery to figure out what happened to my Fallopian tubes which will eventually decide whether or not, my dream of becoming a mother would ever be possible.

It was one of the very hurtful phases of my life. But a couple of months later, with no treatment or surgery, around the time of my birthday, my pregnancy test turned positive!

This Children’s Day, I celebrate the greatest miracles of my life! They have not only restored my childlike sense of wonder, they are a living reminder that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE!

Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into the eyes of my girls and I realize I already have two!

Happy Children’s Day!

Click here to read a detailed post on what I went through before I conceived – When My Dream Crumbled!Erode_K&K_LR-10

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