Do you Know What You’re Wearing?

As you may have already observed, I dress my kids in matching outfits. Over the years, this obsession led me to purchase a lot of clothing each time I saw a SALE! In all these years up until now, the only factors I considered prior to purchasing an outfit were,

  • Was the cost pocket friendly
  • Was it visually appealing
  • Was it comfortable to wear

A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix that radically transformed how I viewed clothing. The True Cost was eye opening revealing the scary consequences of consumer pressure for low-cost high fashion.

For the very first time I began to think about,

  • The source of my clothing
  • The living and working conditions of the people who made it
  • What they have to endure every single so I could buy an outfit at a cheap cost to adorn myself and my family

Did you know at what cost fast fashion offers us cheaper clothing?

  • Under paid, over working labourers in developing and under-developed countries
  • Cheaper, harmful chemicals and materials being used
  • And these harmful chemicals in turn are rapidly polluting & destroying nature. Even the ones wearing it.
  • Leading to a lot of diseases and physical deformities of those who are manufacturing these products

After all the destruction caused to the under privileged and the eco-system, the fashion brands sweep multi-millions and billions as profit!

The documentary is a MUST-WATCH.

Today, I have resolved to cut down on our purchases. And if at all I plan to purchase, I would like to be more mindful about it and make conscious choices!

Kaitlyn and Kristine are seen here dressed in customised green “Splish and Splosh” tiered dresses with an indigo khadi overcoat created by the Hyderabad based children’s brand 0to5. Swathy Menakshi, the Founder of 0to5, aims for a Chemical-Free Childhood by creating clothes made from naturally grown cotton that are herbal dyed.

Pardon my ignorance, but only recently I got to know that our skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system. We ought to be extremely mindful of what it comes in contact with!

While this may appear as a promotional post, I choose to call it an ‘awareness’ post. Me being a middle-class person, I have been aware of only fast fashion brands and for obvious reasons, all my purchases have also been only from them. It is only recently I am getting to know of small local brands that are doing some amazing work. While we all take great pride in promoting high-end brands, I feel we must take greater pride in promoting local businesses that are doing commendable work in creating people & nature friendly products!


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