5 Nuggets with Rads 2019: Women & Careers – Michelle Job


I have been following Rads: Tunneling Thru’ for a long time now. Her fitness journey, recipes, life hacks, motherhood or just the day to day snippets she shares on her Instagram (@rads02) stories, has brought about huge admiration for her as an individual & mother. To be a part of her #5nuggetswithrads is nothing but an honor

Today’s Wednesday feature on #5nuggetswithrads is Michelle. Michelle is a photographer and is sticking with her passion that she stumbled upon and had turned that passion into her own gig.
Here are her nuggets:
1. Talents have the potential to act as therapy and to unleash a world beyond dreams. I picked my camera two months after I lost my only brother in a tragic accident. Over the last two years, photography not only did open a world of opportunities that were far beyond my reach, it offers me healing and strength to cope with grief and loss from time to time.
2. Got a dream? Start out with what’s in hand! I started out with borrowed/rented cameras. On arriving in Sweden, where I did not know a single soul nor the local language, social media was the only tool that connected me with an unknown world. You do not really require huge investments to start! All you need is WILL!
3. Seek inspiration. I have a few photographers from whose work and life I learn and draw inspiration. I also follow creatives in other fields of work.
4. Love yourself & work from a place of joy. A famous photographer once told me, “Always work from a place of joy & self love. What you feel on the inside will reflect in your pictures!” I cannot produce something I do not have. I cannot create authentic portraits of love and laughter while I am feeling miserable and bitter on the inside.
5. “There are only two ways to live your life – as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” I have chosen to live like the latter. This has enabled me to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary and mundane!
Dreaming, wishing and not starting is only costing you time. Start. Start even if you aren’t ready. Just start and if the drive is real you will learn as you go along. .
What’s yours?
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