What I do When Motherhood becomes Mayhem!

Just when you think “now that kids are grown up, we can slow down and enjoy..” that’s when things really become more challenging.. The bigger they grow, the more they are exposed to the world around them, the issues they begin to deal with gets deeper!

MOTHERHOOD just gets more intense with time. Unless we consciously take time out for ourselves, things can get quite overwhelming, out-of-hand and quite depressing! When STRESS begins to fuel motherhood by replacing JOY, there is a great chance we miss the essence of this parenting adventure!

Here are a few things that I do to keep myself sane and joyful as I navigate through this roller coaster of motherhood! I hope it helps someone out there!

⭐️Setting aside ME-TIME – Time to do what I love and enjoy. It could be shopping, watching a movie, hanging out with friends.. Or simply being lazy, watching my favorite program, uninterrupted and alone! Special thanks to Vijay who knows the importance of that and takes charge of the kids! I return the favor by giving him his me-time.

⭐️Having a Close Circle of Friends – Many I know lose touch with their good friends as soon as they get married. More so when they become parents. Be it old friends or new, having a small, close of group friends can be very uplifting!

Although my friends and I are scattered across the globe, we stay connected via WhatsApp. They are a group of friends with whom I can let my guard down, be myself and have heart to heart, honest conversations. We constantly share our good & difficult times and cheer each other to push through!

I also go out of my way to make new friends. Thankful for the several good friends I have made in various stages of life.

⭐️Finding a Hobby – For me, my newest hobby it Fitness! For the last one year, I have been thoroughly enjoying working out and being active. It has transformed me inside out!

Is there something you enjoyed doing as a child or in your younger years? Something that gave you a lot of peace and satisfaction? Something you have lost along the way as the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders increased? Go find it!

After going through a major tragedy of losing a loved one, I figured a hobby is more than just something we do in free time. A hobby has the power to heal and release us from negativity!

⭐️Make-up & Dressing-up – For the last three decades of my life, I have never given importance to what I wear or how I look. Now I realise, it was a result of the poor self-image I had about myself and the low self-esteem I subconsciously kept battling with. I always wore the most baggy dresses. There have been days when I never even saw myself in the mirror. I was never my priority!

During the last one year, those who know me or have been following me could have witnessed how my dressing and how I present myself has evolved. Thanks to the small effort I take exercising. I may not have lost much weight. Neither is weightloss my goal. I, in fact, DO NOT check my weight.

Consistently exercising has transformed the way I think and the way I see myself. It has taught me to embrace myself, as I am. After all these years, I have started to love myself.

Today, I do not dress up or put makeup to impress others. My sense of dressing or make-up may not even be perfect and I am sure it will keep evolving. However, there is a kind of joy and a certain kind of confidence I feel when I look good and presentable in my own eyes. It’s that joy and confidence of me embracing & enjoying myself, I would like my daughters to witness as they grow!

⭐️Travel: Travel with family could be fun and memorable. However, traveling alone or with a small group of friends could be therapeutic on a whole new level. I enjoy the sense of freedom and how care-free I can be while exploring a new place at my pace! For me travel and nature are a momentary getaway from reality. It is when I travel, I unwind, reboot and refresh my mind and body!

I am really curious to know what is it that you do to refill yourself with joy when motherhood gets overwhelming??? Please share!! It could be enlightening for me and those reading!

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