K&K’s Visit to Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir, Sangareddy, Telangana

It’s quite unbelievable to even comprehend how all our lives have changed. Staying indoors in a concrete neighborhood with absolutely no greenery or quiet outdoors is not quite easy. I have never been more excited to go grocery shopping as that’s the only time I step outside our home. In fact, Vijay and I compete as to who gets to go to a supermarket! Kids do not even have the chance for that!

We all craved for an outing, for a breadth of fresh air and some nature to refresh us. Kondapochamma reservoir first caught my attention on Instagram! The social media pics of a lonely road over the reservoir with shimmering water and clear blue skies were alluring to say the least. Ever since, we wanted to pay it a visit, but the rains held us back!

Yesterday, seemed like an ideal day. Time for a much-awaited picnic in the outdoors. With great excitement, I cooked mushroom mint rice and lemon pepper chicken. My SIL, Jasmine, packed delicious assorted sandwiches. Off we hit the the Karimnagar highway!

The Kondapochammasagar Reservoir is located 50 Kms from Hyderabad at Siddipet district. In an effort to make Godavari a perennial river this reservoir was constructed by the Telangana government. 

After an enjoyable drive, when we neared the entrance of the reservoir, we noticed it was closed for repair work as a bridge that was constructed between the embankment and the off-take gates collapsed a day prior to our visit! The cops at the entrance directed us to go further down the road and take a right. We assumed there is probably an alternate entrance!

As we took the right turn, we joined a long line of cars. Right then and there I knew the reservoir is not going to look anything like I saw on Instagram! We parked the car and followed the crowd hoping for an alternate entrance to the reservoir!

It is only when we neared the walls of the reservoir, we were in for a shock! There was no entrance! Everyone was climbing the steep wall of the reservoir!

Thankfully I was wearing comfortable footwear. But still, our climb was quite epic!

By the time we reached the top, we were half roasted in the heat. Kids could not cope with the heat. The crowd on top was quite alarming. There was little to no social distancing. We rushed past the crowds to a relatively isolated spot!

The sight of water reflecting the sky and the breeze would have been more enjoyable had the weather been cooler and the crowd fewer!

After spending 20 minutes on the top, we embarked downhill!

Without wasting any time, we sped to our car, turned on the AC and cooled ourselves!

As we rode back, we identified a nice quiet spot beside the road. The lunch was hearty. Silly jokes were cracked. The sound of leaves rustling in the breeze was music to the ears. The sight of the green fields and cattle grazing was the dose of refreshment we so desperately yearned for!

Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Visiting Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir

  1. Check the weather and reservoir timing. Go on a cooler day or cooler time of day.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing & shoes. Caps & sunglasses are essential.
  3. Pack your food & sufficient water. There is no restaurant for several kilometers.
  4. Keep one backpack (NO handbag) with drinking water, sanitizer and wet wipes (to wipe your hands after the climb) to be carried up the reservoir wall.
  5. Until the reservoir allows cars inside, I would not recommend taking babies, seniors and those with back problems.
  6. CARRY A BAG FOR LITTER! The litter strewn around at the reservoir was very disheartening to see. Now that the place is attracting visitors in large numbers, at least the reservoir authorities could place trash cans all over. But since that is not the case, we ought to act as responsible citizens!

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