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K&K’s Trip to Mandapam Camp & Danushkodi Island

Vj rarely gets a long leave. When he does we try our best to make the most of it – meeting as many relatives and friends as possible and exploring a place or two simultaneously! We spent Christmas at my mom’s childhood home along with her six siblings and their families at Karaikudi. On our drive back to my parents’ house in Thanjavur, we took a detour to Danushkodi Island via Mandapam Camp! Continue reading K&K’s Trip to Mandapam Camp & Danushkodi Island

What I do When Motherhood becomes Mayhem!

Just when you think “now that kids are grown up, we can slow down and enjoy..” that’s when things really become more challenging.. The bigger they grow, the more they are exposed to the world around them, the issues they begin to deal with gets deeper!

MOTHERHOOD just gets more intense with time. Unless we consciously take time out for ourselves, things can get quite overwhelming, out-of-hand and quite depressing! When STRESS begins to fuel motherhood by replacing JOY, there is a great chance we miss the essence of this parenting adventure!

Here are a few things that I do to keep myself sane and joyful as I navigate through this roller coaster of motherhood! I hope it helps someone out there! Continue reading What I do When Motherhood becomes Mayhem!

Krissy’s Buck is Out!

29th July 2019. Monday. 14:00 Hrs. Schools across Hyderabad had declared a holiday for a reason I do not remember at the moment. Vijay’s sister, Jasmine, and her boys were spending the day with us. It was a laid back sort of day. The younger kids were playing with magnatiles and watching TV. I was in the kitchen, prepping to serve lunch.

All of a sudden, Krissy, my 5 year old, came to the kitchen with her hands on her throat and said with a muffled voice,

“Mama, I swallowed a corn!”

But I never gave the kids corn!

When I asked her again, with a little struggle, she replied, “I swallowed a coin!” Continue reading Krissy’s Buck is Out!