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Counting Peanut Shells

After spending a lazy evening eating steamed peanuts, this is what we did –




It was quite a task to keep her focused past number 5!

Wooly Sheeps

Eversince KT’s summer holidays began, she’s been having plenty of time on her hands. Her friends in our apartment have all gone on their vacations. Hence her evenings have been pretty much boring. Although she is content with her toys and play utensils, I felt really guilty that I wasn’t making proper use of her time. So I decided to get crafty!

She simply loves anything to do with sticking or cutting. Since we did not have proper craft supplies, this is all we could do. I drew the outline of a sheep and she spread the glue and stuck balls of cotton on it! As the sticking got over too quickly, we both colored the background!


Our First Step Towards Getting Crafty!

I’ve always admired moms who do crafts along with their little girls. One of my huge role-models is my friend from back school. The kind of crafts she does with her two year old always amuses me and has always left me with a desire to do something similar with my little girl.

This afternoon, I was removing tags from some new clothes. I found them so cute and colorful that just before trashing them I decided to sit with K80 make a collage thinking its going to be so much fun.

Trust me, getting a 19 month old to do crafts is anything but fun or easy. Anyways, I picked all the dress tags, a glue stick and a note book and sat beside my daughter. I helped her hold the glue stick and showed her how to apply it behind each tag and stick it on the paper. She did a few and before long, she lost interest in the collage and got more interested in the texture of the gooey glue.

Within seconds she applied the glue all over her hands and legs and I was left with no choice but to windup our first craft session. Though my attempt did not turn out as I expected, I am hoping it will improve in the days to come!

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