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Helping Hand

It was the routine powercut. I was busy in the kitchen. TH was busy fixing something (for those of you who didn’t know, he’s the Mr. Fix-It of our family. There is nothing he cannot fix – from broken watches to mobile phones, the kitchen mixie to laptop. You name it, he can fix it!). With no TV and two pre-occupied parents, KT was getting bored and restless. So TH devised a plan!
He spread a couple of news papers, asked her to sit on it, handed her a bowl and a huge branch of curry leaves and asked her to pluck the leaves. To my surprise, she accepted the chore delightfully. She sat there patiently plucking the leaves occasionally running to me with a handful of bare stems asking me to trash it. 
After roughly thirty minutes, she successfully completed her assignment. She came running to me with a wide smile of accomplishment and a bowl of curry leaves. She proudly handed it over to me and said, “Happy Birthday, mummy!”
As much as I was touched by her sweet gesture, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter during the last bit! 

Lights! Camera!

The weather last night was beautiful – breezy and drizzling! As usual, the power went off! The breeze was irresistible that we were simply drawn to the balcony.

K80 and I stood there enjoying the beautiful shower. I was teaching her words like ‘rain’, ‘lightening’ and ‘thunder’. All of a sudden a lightening flashed. As the lightening lit up the dark, vast sky, my little girl in complete awe said, “Mummy, light.. camera.. photo!”

Naatakkaari (Drama Queen)

Baby K has always been a drama queen ever since she started expressing herself with her facial expressions and sounds. Now that her dictionary is growing, her dramas are becoming more hilarious!

For instance, this morning while I was bathing her, she took hold of the bucket as if it was a steering wheel, turned it left and right and said, “Amma, carrrrr… Drrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr!”
Lately, she does not like any of us falling asleep before her or leaving her alone, especially her Thatha. Last night, her Thatha feel asleep early after a busy day. K got so upset that she did everything to wake up her Thatha. She threw her blanket from the bed, walked to his side, shook him and said, “Thatha, blanky dum-dum.. Thatha, blanky dum-dum..” Thatha was still fast asleep that she had to come up with another trick.
What she did next was quite surprising! She knew what would best draw his attention – the love of his life. She walked to my mom, slapped her gently, turned to my dad and shouted, “Thaathus (that’s his pet name!).. Gammu (granma).. Beating!.. Thaathus.. Gammu.. Beating!”
Thatha still snoring, made K to come up with something better. She searched herself for a tiny little scar in her hands. Walked to Thatha. Shook him and in the most paavum voice cried, “Ahhhhhhhh.. Thaathuuuuuuus.. Kai (hands)! Kai!” and Thatha had no choice but to wake up!
That was last night’s episode!
This morning, I was about to enter the bathroom to brush my teeth. She smiled, waved bye and was about to send me off. Just when I was about to close the door, she screamed, “Mummy!” I opened to see what happened. She stood there pointing to her nose and acted like she was sneezing and said, “Noseeeeeeee! Noseeeeeeeee!” She was absolutely fine, but I took a hanky and pretended to wipe her nose. I told her she was fine, waved her bye and stepped into the bathroom and again she goes… “Mummmmmmmmmy.. Noseeeeeeeeeee!”
You can imagine the drama 😉