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K&K at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

Three weeks ago when we arrived here in Stockholm, I must confess, I felt extremely intimidated when I saw and heard EVERYTHING around me in Swedish. I almost ran into a mild depression wondering how I am going to survive here, leave alone exploring this city on my own with the girls!

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K&K at Hagaparken, Stockholm

After five continuous days of gloomy weather, the sun showed up on Tuesday! Since our first commute by public transport turned out to be a success, the girls and I, determined to make the most of the sunshine, ventured further away to explore a very picturesque royal ‘English Park’ – the Haga Park!

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K&K at Lötsjön

Exploring the city of London with a 2 year old on a stroller was easy four years ago. I was skeptical if I would be able to do the same with an additional child. So over the last two weeks, I stuck to my comfort zone and just took the girls to the nearby park by walk. However, curiosity got the better of me. I decided I must step out of my comfort zone and explore more of this charming city. To start with, I chose a place not too far – Lötsjön. Continue reading K&K at Lötsjön