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Grumpopotamus by Manimal Tales: Personalised Book Review

Since the lockdown started, one of the many habits I am working on is improving my reading. In the past four months, I have completed 14 books. The more and more I read, the more I am experiencing the transformative power of books. I have also come to the realisation that good books are one of the greatest investments we can make in our children’s lives!

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Krissy’s Buck is Out!

29th July 2019. Monday. 14:00 Hrs. Schools across Hyderabad had declared a holiday for a reason I do not remember at the moment. Vijay’s sister, Jasmine, and her boys were spending the day with us. It was a laid back sort of day. The younger kids were playing with magnatiles and watching TV. I was in the kitchen, prepping to serve lunch.

All of a sudden, Krissy, my 5 year old, came to the kitchen with her hands on her throat and said with a muffled voice,

“Mama, I swallowed a corn!”

But I never gave the kids corn!

When I asked her again, with a little struggle, she replied, “I swallowed a coin!” Continue reading Krissy’s Buck is Out!

K&K’s 5 min Picture Story #2 at Kista Gård Park

The reason I am doing these 5 min picture stories is not just to improve my documentary/storytelling style of photography. I would like to capture those fleeting moments that often go unnoticed – the kind of moments that we would just want to instantly fix and keep moving on. However, it is such moments that come packed with valuable life’s lessons. If, only if, we could pause, notice and learn, we wouldn’t let those moments fleet by. Rather, let those moments become a part of us! Continue reading K&K’s 5 min Picture Story #2 at Kista Gård Park