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And Yet Another Angel

Yet You are He Who took me out of the womb! Psalm 22:9

This was the verse that popped out to me on the morning of 17th June 2014 during my quiet time. I was about to leave for my weekly antenatal check up in the next hour. Moments later, I receive an email from Joel Osteen Ministries titled “Expect Bessings NOW”. One of the lines that grabbed my attention in that email was,

 ‘… Today, God wants to amaze you with His goodness.. Not next week or next month!’

3rd July 2014 was my EDD. Since I had to undergo a C-section for KT, doc said I will have to undergo a C-section this time as well. So on this check up, I was supposed to give the doc a preferred date for my C-section. Vj and I choose the 28th since it is his dad’s birthday and our baby’s birth would make it extra special.

However, after reading that verse and that email, I strongly felt God was upto something. I immediately WhatsApp’d Vj saying, ‘Looks like God’s hinting that our baby is going to arrive sooner than we planned!’ My intuition turned out to be right!

I go for the check up and the doc finds my BP slightly higher and asks me to get admitted for the night in order to monitor my BP! (Those medhu vadas I had been feasting on almost every other evening were the culprits I guess!) Soon they discover my sugar levels are high as well! Cutting the long story short, I was scheduled an emergency C-section the very next afternoon!

At the beginning of this pregnancy, a good friend of ours gave me a compilation of audio confessions for pregnancy and childbirth by Janet Angela Mills. It has powerful confessions covering every aspect of pregnancy and parenting. Those scripture promises mentioned in that audio was my daily dose of strength. It is what helped me battle all forms of negative thoughts, fears and doubts I was constantly bombarded with. (I strongly recommend this to every expectant mother. It will leave a lasting impact on you and your unborn child!)

One of the lines in that faith confession went like this – ‘…anointed hands will deliver my baby’! I often wondered how that was ever possible. Nevertheless, God had everything beautifully sketched out. An hour before my surgery, the hospital staff informed my parents that my doctor who was supposed to operate me was down with a flu and that they are going to call some doctor from the government hospital. That’s when Dr. Rani Jeyachandran, an anointed woman of God + a pastor’s wife + doctor, came to my rescue and my surgery was carried out successfully by her! It was then I realized that God has pre-appointed the people who will be involved in my children’s life!

The anointed hands that delivered Krissy! Dr. Rani Jeyachandran, her daughter/my friend Shalomy and little Josiah!

On 18th June 2014, 02:25 pm (Let me squeeze in an interesting fact here – KT was born at 2:25 am!!!), our much awaited angel arrived weighing 3.8 Kgs and crying at the top of her voice! She was an exact replica of her sister. Slightly chubbier, but with a similar cherubic face, curious eyes and dense dark hair! We named her Kristine Samuel!

After several months of feeding, cuddling and changing diapers for a dummy baby doll practicing to be a big sister, KT was super thrilled to see and touch the ‘tummy baby’ for real! The very first thing she said about her baby sister was, “Mamma, she looks like an angel!”

KT photo bombing Krissy’s first sefie 😉
Vj’s angels 😉

Cradling Krissy in my arms I could only thank God for another priceless gift! Five years ago, I was hopeless when all my dreams of becoming a mommy were shattered when doctors could not find my Fallopian tubes (You can read more about it here!). Today, being a mommy of two precious girls is nothing short of a miracle!


From now on this space will contain Kronicles of K80 and Krissy =)

STOP the Discrimination & CELEBRATE the Girl Child

It all began when I was pregnant with KT. I must have been 20 weeks pregnant. That’s the stage when almost everyone across the world gets to know the gender of their baby – they begin planning, shopping and deciding on the baby’s name with a lot of excitement. However, that’s not the case in India. For a while it kind of annoyed and angered me, why modern India has not changed the law regarding gender disclosure. But eventually, as I witnessed some incidents and people, I was glad that that law still remains! Modern India isn’t modern after all! Continue reading STOP the Discrimination & CELEBRATE the Girl Child