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Be a Voice!

The following conversation happened last week –

KT : Mama, I want to be class leader. But teacher says only those who are quiet can be leaders!

Me : Then be quiet.

KT : Quiet is boring, mama!

*face palm moment*

I posted this on my Instagram account and one of my friends commented –

“Oh dear Katie. All that will change in a few years! Leaders need to talk. You’ll soon have your turn in the world out there.”

All of a sudden I felt enlightened!

“Leaders need to talk,” kept echoing at the back of my mind!

I have great respect and admiration for KT’s class teacher. So does KT. She adores her. The teacher telling the kids to be quiet is very understandable because tackling 25 five-year-olds is no easy joke! And I explained the same to KT – why she needs to listen to her teacher and pay attention while she is teaching!

I am just looking at the statement, “only those who are quiet can be leaders!” from a completely different, broader perspective as I type this post!

Not sure if it is a cultural issue or an universal one. At some point we all have shushed kids from voicing their opinions. Or we probably have not considered their opinions when they voiced it. And once the kids are bigger, they are expected to speak out and express themselves!

It is time we give the little people in our lives the respect and attention they deserve. Let’s let them know what matters to them matters to us. Let them know their opinions count. May we provide them the freedom to voice their hearts and minds out in our homes! Let them be seen! Let them be heard!

KT and Krissy,

Stand up!

Speak up!

Express yourself!

Ask questions!

When in doubt, ask more questions!

Never hesitate to share what’s on your heart to the people who really care about you!

Share what’s on your mind with the people whom you care about!

Speak up for those who cannot speak!

Never fear to question injustice!

Defend the voiceless!



Be a voice not an echo!

Be the change!

Be a leader!