Kraków Day 3 – Part 1: Auschwitz & Birkenau

My trip to Kraków, Poland was a memorable one in many ways. It is the first international trip I undertook on my own, leaving behind Vijay and my girls. It was the first of the girls-trip my friend and I plan to do each year. It was the first trip where I did have to worry about getting the kids ready and hungry, sleepy kids throwing tantrums. It was the first trip where I did proper sightseeing with legit tour guides. Continue reading “Kraków Day 3 – Part 1: Auschwitz & Birkenau”


Kraków Day 2 – The Free Walking Tour

After a super late night dinner and a lot of walking around (Read about Day 1 at Kraków), the weary travellers needed a restful long night of sleep to gear up for another long day of exploring!

Continue reading “Kraków Day 2 – The Free Walking Tour”