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My Ray of Sunshine is Back!

Last week was by far the most challenging time I experienced as a mother. It was early Thursday morning around 6 am, I was woken up by my little girl calling me “Amma…” in a frail voice that I have never heard before. She took my giant blanket with her tiny hands and covered herself. I couldn’t see how she was as I was half asleep and our room was dark. So I pulled her closer to me to sleep on my arms and that’s when I felt that she was running high temperature.

The doc told me it was nothing but a viral fever and prescribed some medicines. Though her condition was nothing to get alarmed about, I just couldn’t see my bundle of joy lying on the bed weak with literally no energy to even manage a smile. She couldn’t eat anything but milk. She spent all day either sleeping or clinging to me, Dadda and her Thatha (who happened to spend a few days with us.)

I didn’t have to tidy our house because her toys and books were in place. I had absolutely no interruption in the kitchen. The vessels stayed in the cupboards. The house was so silent without her laughter. Honestly… I couldn’t have missed her more and that’s when I realized that though I loved my little girl so dearly, I often took her company for granted.

By God’s grace my K8O Koala got back to action yesterday morning! Yes! My ray of sunshine is back! I made sure she compensates for all the hugs and kisses I missed over the last few days. Now our house is back to square one. The hall is strewn around with toys and books.  Of course I do not have time to run errands or browse the internet while she is awake. But that doesn’t bother me any more. I have learnt to enjoy her company every passing minute more than ever!

Seriously, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, browsing… I can do those any day. But soon my little girl is going to grow up, join school and eventually fly away. It’s time with her I can never buy!

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~ Angela Schwindt