Day 4 & My List of Must-See in Kraków

We woke up to lovely sunshine on the last day of our stay at Krakow! The Old Town Square was washed clean in the previous day’s rain. Street vendors were setting up their pop up stores at the Town Square for the day’s business! Continue reading “Day 4 & My List of Must-See in Kraków”

Kraków Day 3 – Part 2: The Wieliczka Salt Mine

While planning for this trip, I asked Kaity’s polish friend’s mom for recommendations on must-see places in Kraków and the very first place she mentioned was the ‘Salt Mine’. I was initially startled! What could be so enticing about a salt mine? Continue reading “Kraków Day 3 – Part 2: The Wieliczka Salt Mine”


The very first incident I can remember goes back to the time I must have been six years old. We used to live in a township. I went to our neighbour’s house. They were a family of five – mom, dad, two sisters and a brother. The kids were all in their teens. Continue reading “#MeToo”