K&K’s 4th Day of Christmas: ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition

While I fancy delicious Biryani and spicy Indian savouries during the festive season, Kaity and little Krissy are fond lovers of gingerbread cookies called as ‘pepparkakor’ in Swedish!

I heard of the ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition that was happening and I thought it would be something my girls will enjoy! Continue reading “K&K’s 4th Day of Christmas: ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition”


Not Just Another Masala Dosai!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing the inaugural of Stockholm’s much awaited Saravanaa Bhavan with SearchIndie Sweden! I was super excited and a little emotional about it since I have been enjoying their food for over 15 years! How I missed those flavours even in Hyderabad. Have been missing it all the more here in Sweden! Continue reading “Not Just Another Masala Dosai!”