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First Sports Day

I’ve never missed out on a single sports day back in school. I had absolutely nothing to do with sports, yet I used to enjoy participating in the march past and drill. When I was not in either of it, I would just enjoy hanging out with friends sipping 50p color pepsi!

However, attending a sports day as a parent was a whole new experience!

It was a very sunny day. KT had slept very late the previous night as our house was packed with friends and she didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Although I knew it would be a little exhausting for her, I didn’t want to miss it at any cost!

I quickly got her ready and sent her by van. There were ten hungry friends for whom I put together a super quick breakfast and rushed to the ground! By the time I reached, all the seats were filled with eager parents. Thankfully, KT’s classmate’s mom had a seat saved for me!

The first event was march past. The four year olds marched uniformly without missing a beat!


Then it was a drill! Again the kids put up an impressive show!


Finally, KT’s playgroup was announced. KT and her classmates walked out of the shed. I got my camera ready and moved to the edge of my seat. Honestly, I was excited and anxious as if KT was partaking in the Olympics!

The teachers arranged them in the start line. Their task was to pick a colored block placed on the track. The blazing sun and the noise of the cheering parents freaked poor KT and she instantly broke into tears and she began to ask her teacher for me.


But KT’s teacher and aayamma did not give up on her. They kept cheering her until she ran and picked her block. All the kids were treated winners and each were awarded a medal! KT’s tears were momently turned into pride!


It was just another day for KT. She probably was clueless as to why she was taken to the ground in the scorching sun. She cried. She did not come first. But yet, KT just being a part of something, as trivial as a sports day, made me so proud and ecstatic! It was then I realized that what we as children considered light and casual in our lives must have been moments of pride and joy for our parents. This is one of those things we come to learn only when we become parents!